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Adria Docks provides services for the repair and maintenance of yachts, mega yachts and other vessels up to a length of 150m in floating docks. Excellent infrastructure and location are just some of our advantages. The long tradition from which our engineers and employees have drawn their knowledge is the foundation of the satisfaction of our clients.


Adria Docks finds and contracts projects, manages services, optimizes work process and carries out quality control of all work.

Yachts and mega yachts


Commercial vessel overhaul


Routine vessel maintenance


Service and repairs


Adria Docks has floating docks with lifting capacities of 8,500 t and 800t, and a 300-meter of service wharf. We can carry out maintenance work at the quayside or in the docks, and we can service, repair and modify all types of boats, yachts and mega yachts up to 150m.

Dock 8500 t

  • Overall length 155 m
  • Pontoon length 139.5 m
  • Width between towers 23.4 m
  • Max. draught of docked ship 8 m
  • Lifting capacity 8500 t

Dock 800 t

  • Overall length 64 m
  • Free width between towers 15 m
  • Max. draught of the docked ship 3.3 m
  • Lifting capacity 800 t

Installed Test Cell

  • Performs marine engine tests on two dynamometers
  • Up to 895 kW Water Brake Dynamometer
  • Up to 3,344 kW Water Brake Dynamometer
  • 396, 538, 2000 and 4000 MTU
  • C9, C18, C32, CAT3500 Caterpillar
  • MAN D2842

Client Support

A team of professional engineers and experienced technicians is our guarantee of the quality of work on your vessel. Our Customer Service Team is at your disposal and will make your stay in beautiful city of Trogir, protected by UNESCO as a part of world’s historical heritage and the surrounding area as pleasant as possible.


Headquarter Rovinjska 4, 21000 Split, Croatia
Delivery & Operating site Put brodograditelja 16, 21220 Trogir, Croatia
+ 385 (21) 731 066